Sound Marketing

For manufacturers selling through distribution, direct contact with customers is either missing from the start or lost along the way. So when a world leader in pro audio decided to reach out to a younger demographic in a direct way, the mechanisms weren’t in place to make that happen.

The answer was database and emarketing.

We custom-built a prospect and customer database – a solid foundation for online communications and research that eventually paved the way for Shure’s powerfully segmented emarketing program and social media tactics. We developed prototypes for a wide spectrum of online communications, and proved that a results-focused online program could deliver the goods.

Center stage: Shure Notes®. One version for musicians. One version for the growing church market. The mission? Develop relationships with customers and prospects by supplying helpful pro audio information – anything from building a project studio to tips on booking gigs.

Almost a decade later, custom programming has given way to off-the-shelf solutions for subscription and email services, with content management templates replacing art direction. The strong affinity that the community feels for the brand continues to be evidenced, month after month, in metrics that make Shure Notes absolutely unequalled in performance, with open and CTRs that are consistently two and three times the industry average.

Now that’s something to Crow about.